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My story, Room 42, along with that of 125 other authors is in this anthology of Campbell Award Eligible writers. This download is available until March 31st. 


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Spilt Milk: A Collection of Stories


Would You Work For Free?

Spilt Milk: A Collection of Stories - D.K. Cassidy

There seems to be a trend among readers to only download free eBooks. I understand wanting to save money especially when it involves buying a book from an unknown indie author. But I ask, would you work for free? Writers, artists of all kinds, work hundreds of hours honing their craft. Although we do this because we love to write, in reality, being paid is nice as well. In our society money is a sign of value. If we give away all of our books, what does that say about how we value art?


What if the book is a dud? That’s what reviews are for. Leave a constructive review about why you didn’t like the book. Also, some vendors have a return policy. Readers wanting a free read abuse this policy sometimes, but overall I think most customers use it when the book is terrible. Instead of writing a long post about this, I would like to share one by friend and fellow author Karl Wiggins. By the way, if you like to read funny, raw (no holds barred) books, he’s the guy.




Note: I originally posted this on my website: http://www.dkcassidy.com/2015/01/03/would-you-work-for-free/

Source: http://I originally posted this on my website: www.dkcassidy.com/2015/01/03/would-you-work-for-free
Warning Earworm
Warning Earworm

Edgar Allen Poe is one of my favorite authors. Pairing him with one of my favorite songs is a recipe for delight! Sorry you won't be able to get the song with these new words, out of your head all day.

Shadow Over Avalon

Shadow Over Avalon - C.N. Lesley Beautiful and Imaginative!

I am an avid fan of all things King Arthur, so was excited to read author C.N. Lesley

Into the Killer Sphere (Chase Williams detective stories #1)

Into the Killer Sphere (Chase Williams detective stories #1) - Stefania Mattana Murder By Chandelier?

Chase Williams is a former detective at Scotland Yard. His promising career cut short by a mysterious incident that had his superiors rushing him off to Italy. He settles in a small town called Tursenia, becoming an employee of the Ceccarelli Cashmere Company.

Although not officially working for the police any longer, he does help his childhood friend Angel Alunni whenever asked. In this story one of the residents of the town, Piero Galli, is found dead, apparently a victim of a fallen chandelier. Or is he? That is what Case and Detective Alunni must discover. This is an enjoyable mystery with colorful characters. I also enjoyed the setting of the story. I felt as if I were there with the pair of detectives.

Dead Medium

Dead Medium - Peter   John An Interesting Afterlife.

Miss May Elizabeth Trump is the main character in this original book about ghosts and what happens after you die. May wouldn

Ebola Virus Disease: From Epidemic To Pandemic: What You Should Know

Ebola Virus Disease: From Epidemic To Pandemic: What You Should Know - Thomas Jerome Baker Ebola Explained.

This informative book is a useful guide for anyone wondering about the Ebola virus. The media has created a lot of misinformation about this awful disease, making the uninformed paranoid. With the facts of the disease explained in a calm manner backed up by numerous links to supporting articles, I felt safer. The author has included checklists of symptoms, treatments, ways the virus is transmitted, and the most up to date figures on this latest outbreak. If the Ebola virus worries you, or if you are simply curious about it, this book is worth a read.

48 Hours 'Til Christmas

48 Hours 'Til Christmas - Stephany Tullis Turmoil Before Christmas!

Author Stephany Tullis has written a lovely story just in time for Christmas. In this tale of a small town at odds with one another, she moves us from problems to solutions. The Mayor, Luke Evans, wants to throw a Christmas extravaganza to rival if not beat the ones in larger cities. In order to achieve this ambitious plan, he asks for help from the local minister, Reverend Woody Jones.

The Reverend offers advice to the Mayor,

Armageddon Cometh

Armageddon Cometh - J.K. Accinni A great addition to the series!

The Seven Natural Wonders Of The Earth (My First Travel Books Book 2)

The Seven Natural Wonders Of The Earth (My First Travel Books Book 2) - Anna Othitis, Lionheart Publishing House, Cecelia Morgan Great travel book for children!

Susquehanna: A Second Tale of Bestimmung Company (Books of B Company #2)

Susquehanna: A Second Tale of Bestimmung Company (Books of B Company #2) - Chris Pourteau Food Glorious Food!

Some battles are won with bullets while others are won with food, or the lack of it. In this second installment of author Chris Pourteau

Blood on the Snow

Blood on the Snow - David        Cook Great writing with an exciting plot! This book is about the British Army's 28th Regiment.

Gettysburg: A Tale of the Second War for Pennsylvanian Independence

Gettysburg: A Tale of the Second War for Pennsylvanian Independence - Chris Pourteau An Epic Battle Reimagined.

I am a history buff and have studied the American Civil War and it

Bells On Her Toes

Bells On Her Toes - Diana J. Febry Wonderful British Mystery!

I am a voracious reader of mysteries and am always on the lookout for a new writer in this genre. The elements of a well-written mystery for me: an intriguing plot, an interesting setting, and most importantly, a fully fleshed out main character/detective. This book hits all three marks.

The setting is the Earl of Ditchburn