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Fishing Into Potato Salad

Fishing Into Potato Salad - Othen Donald Dale Cummings Nice picture book for beginning readers!

A Jane Austen Daydream

A Jane Austen Daydream - Scott D. Southard This novel must have been written by Jane Austen being channeled through the author, Scott D. Southard! It was a thoroughly enjoyable read and left me wanting more. Perhaps a series? If you are a fan of Jane Austen, you must read this book.

Fractured Vows

Fractured Vows - Brenda Perlin Never Too Late!

The main character, Bo Huffman, recounts his relationships and marriages, as well as his rise and fall financially. As his story unfolds I felt as if Bo and I were chatting over cocktails.

Bo recalls being a handful to his parents as a boy, and regrets decisions he made as a teenager. In particular his inaction which resulted in events that would affect his sister Maggie.

Later in his turbulent life he finds Brooklyn, his perfect match. This relationship helps him realize,

Forbidden Trouble

Forbidden Trouble - Travis Casey Fun read!

the Golden Coin (A Mike McBride Novel, Book #3)

the Golden Coin (A Mike McBride Novel, Book #3) - Dorothy May Mercer Another excellent book by Dorothy Mercer! Great read!

Breaking Down (The Breaking Series, book one)

Breaking Down (The Breaking Series, book one) - Calista Smith A Rocky Life.

This Young Adult novel about angst, love, relationships, and problems is an interesting look at one teenager

Trout Fishing for Bodies (Book, #2)

Trout Fishing for Bodies  (Book, #2) - Robert K. Swisher Jr. A guardian angel that is a monk from the dark ages is my favorite character in this original novel. He is a lascivious drunkard who may or may not want to help the main character Bob Roosevelt. This novel made me laugh out loud several times! This is a story of a middle aged detective trying to find peace in his life. Unfortunately, he seems to have a knack for finding dead bodies.

It is a nice change to have a main character who is not young, gorgeous, and vacuous. I could see myself sitting down with Bob Roosevelt, having a beer, and discussing the meaning of life. The plot of this murder mystery is engaging and clever. I will continue to read the rest of author Robert Swisher's books.

I Can Cook "Light Lunches"

I Can Cook "Light Lunches" - Marika Germanis This is a great way to get your kids to make their own lunches!

Blue Coyote Motel

Blue Coyote Motel - Dianne Harman Great writing, interesting story. You'll fall in love with this series!


Wendall - Othen Donald Dale Cummings A beard that won't stop growing! Great children's book!

Bear of a Storm

Bear of a Storm - Sahara Foley Horror at its finest!


Hive - J.K. Accinni Another excellent book by JK Accinni.


Echo - J.K. Accinni A continuation of the Species Intervention series. Well-written and thought provoking.

Heart of Oak

Heart of Oak - David        Cook This author is a master of writing Historical Fiction!

Agency Rules - Never an Easy Day at the Office

Agency Rules - Never an Easy Day at the Office - Khalid Muhammad Intriguing Political Thriller


Phenomena: The Lost and Forgotten Children

Phenomena: The Lost and Forgotten Children - Susan Tarr, Michael Tarr, Anna Lund A haunting story of how a group of children were mistreated. Compelling story.