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Marksman - David        Cook Marksman is the fourth outing in The Soldier Chronicles historical series by David Cook.

Again, the attention to detail is superb, and Cook really is in control of his material. The scene is brilliantly set and brought vividly to life so that you feel as though you're fighting alongside Rifleman Cadoc in early nineteenth century Spain.

Cadoc is a tough, squat, brute of a man and demonstrates his skill as one of Wellington's famous sharpshooters during a tense skirmish with French Dragoons. The story is simple enough: French are trying to eliminate Cadoc's Spanish friend, a leader of a group of partisans when they discover a traitor in their midst. With guns blazing the action is relentless until the betrayer is finally apprehended.

It is stirring stuff, and few writers are better qualified than Cook to do justice to the period. A thoroughly good read and if you like great characterization, action, intrigue and a love of history, then this is one to add to your collection.